Monday, 20 June 2011


Wak quote “let continue writing”
After months Najib sworn as Primer’s, he launch his governmental slogan “PEOPLE FIRST, PERFORMANCE NOW” , by year 2010, again he introduced “1MALAYSIA GENERATING TRANSFORMATION” . This reflected Najib started urging Malaysian to “works together, collaborative, independent, think and appreciate” mean Malaysia must maintain single vision to prosperous, protect the peace and jointly build the nation toward 2020.
When majorities are still failed to digest or understand or confused, Wak will try to throw personal view of this hottest catchy words of 1MALAYSIA CONCEPT:

1.    The Malay views this concept differently with the non Malay.
2.    The Malay view that Najib is trying to seized the Malay right as stipulated in Federal Constitutions of Malaysia.
3.    The Non Malay thought they are having the similar right as bumiputra.
4.    The  non Malay also claiming that they have equal right as Malay and demanded Najib to explain and  wanted Najibs’ government to ever ready to amend the Constitution especially on bumiputera right, Bahasa Melayu, Royal  status, and Islam  as Nation religion.
5.    Plenty of chaos and temporary ideological havoc on this concept, the non Malay started demanding the abolishment on the special right or quotas  for Malay  and bumiputera (included Sabah & Sarawak) and worst part of it they claimed the UMNO has created Monopolisemn  in many businesses or trades.
6.    Tun Mahathir the late Primer was getting involved in explaining to the nation that Najib’s 1Malaysia concept didn’t not against Federal Constitutions and totally opposite with Malaysian Malaysia  Concept which loudly demanded by Opposition Parties. Malaysian Malaysia concept clearly opposed article 153 of our Federal Cons tuition.
It’s better for Wak to stop on briefing Waks’ as point to point on the Malay or non Malay perception toward 1Malaysia Concept but in overall our Primer is good in branding the new Malaysian. The 1Malaysia  certainly will able to united the Malaysian in achieving the glorious prosperity of the Nation even though  we are multi racial , still we are able to eat in single table, discuss in the same table and we shall develop the Nation in as single  Malaysian, because there is no such discriminating in this country, economic is open for competitions, politically  the Malaysian is enjoying they freedom, socially, we can do anything, religious, we  have all the freedom  and it is up to us how you define 1Malaysia. 
On my writing later, Wak will use the 1MALAYSIA brochures as my guide in writing and explaining in details. Wak s' wish that this writing is supplication to dearest Z.
WAk will continue writing  later.

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