Wednesday, 18 May 2011


What is happening?
Now, Islam is regarded as an enemy to the West.
This fear was not unfounded at all.
It’s because there are inherent elements of bigotry and highly organized militant Al Qaeda? The question is how and who is the creator of this small number of terror among the Muslim around the world?
Master of the Western, they tend to classify the Islamic world to the two parties. A fundamentalist is a volatile region like Afghanistan,Iraq, Iran and Sudan. Another moderate Muslim country is defined as country that practice of Islam but at the same time, embraced Western ideas.
Under the leadership of Najib, their is talk in west saying Malaysia tend to practice as Islamic fundamentalist state.
Pity to Master of the western for not understanding Islam by labeling Muslim into fundamentalist Islam, moderate Islam, and so on that I do not know.
For Muslims, there is only ONE ISLAM which our belief, our religion and AD-DIN.
The actual of Islamphobia, the western are fear on the rise of Islam in recent years and this is trauma to the west. It ‘s conflict created among religious, Muslim vs Christian vs Jews?
by ding/swj..

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