Saturday, 16 April 2011


GAMBLING –  road to Hell

Gambling is the act of risking money or valuables in any event, in which some of those who will lose, and others who would profit by accident or by luck.  Gambling or betting to enable them to get rich quickly and handsome return without having to work hard. These is a short cut to get rich and gambler tend to jeopardize or risk and ever willing to fight their fate, scarifying salary, inheritance, jewelleries, most of all the personnel moral, family and marriage harmony and their children, these solely act of getting fast money as quick and as easy as possible.

There are many form of gambling, as long as betting or forecasting and expectations of any profitable event or events, involving money, rewards, or uncertain profit whether via mechanical, or electronic, or traditional method such as casinos, stock markets (bet intention), slot machines, lottery, 4 digit, Toto, scratch and win, fighting cocks, mah jong or etc…… worst of gambling it just like consuming alcohol or taking drugs, it will cause an addiction. Thru my reading in articles, In United States there is more than 2.5 million of the population are classified as hardcore gamblers, 3 million is
Problem gamblers, 15 millions are high risk gamblers and 148 million are small players and these gamblers spending an average US$500 billion per year for betting.

There is also report in local newspapers and internationally on how the existence of gambling in the family is able to destroy the relationship among family members.  Gambling and gambling activities led to ignore its responsibility to self, family and religion. Therefore, if we intent to become man or woman with good moral , it is good for us to stay away from gamlbling and the act that certainly will distract us from our relegion, family, community, society, or country responsibilities.

Among the rationales  why gambling is fobidden by islam are:
1. Gambling: Relying on luck and luck for obtaining life benefit from non legal  manners as sanctioned by ALLAH SWT.
2. Gambling might disarry family harmony and caused harm , risking family to loose assets, saving and worst dignity.
3. Gambling may lead gambler to  hostility, argument, fight and conflict among them. Consuming food and drinks from illegal sources of income among them shall transferred into bad and unislamic  fate and fortune.
4. Gambling activities also pose a SIN in Islam and caused people to be lazy and shall continue to prevent us to work and earn a living as tought in Islam.
5. Gambling also will lead people to commit crime because gambling tend impoverised the gambler and when they are desprate to get money, they willing to steal, rob, cheat, corrupt  or even killing.
6. Gambling also lead gambler into stress or mental disorders and often lead to sense of hatred,cast a crime, suicide, mental illness and chronic pain.

In conclusion, We should ban any form of Gambling and fortune are to be obtained through lawful works. The addicition is inviting great disaster in life and distablizing or threatening the harmony of human life.


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