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IT DON’T MAKE ANY SENSE if the use of Purdah is BAN  by France, Canada or other European Countries.  THESE COUNTRIES CALLED THEM AS SOSIFICATED, UPTODATE AND EDUCATED society, and yet these countries were not explaining why the proposal bans of purdah or burka.

IT LOOK THAT  we the third world of Eastern bloc countries are so polish by our acceptance and the adoption of Western style and their way of life. WE JUST WONDER why these moron don’t appreciate our culture and our religion.   THIS IS OUR WAY OF LIFE, ISLAM do not force women of others to wear burka or purdah.

IN ISLAM, the usage of Purdah is the right of individual Muslim and it is not compulsory for you or others.  YOU, European must learn about Islam and start learning how to appreciate this religion and the culture your own citizen.

We shall agree for the ban if it is conflicting with the Constitution or Traditions of world community or otherwise you should not interfere purdah. (LEAVE THEM ALONE) AND we should also learn to respect the individual principle AND from here we shall begin respecting each other!!

PARIS: French parliament today approved legislation to ban the use of purdah cover all parts of the face, and will be fully implemented early next year if the decision does not change the country's senior judges. 

The Senate approved the amendment by 246 votes to support and only one object, has passed the board last July. 
It is now being reviewed with the Council Constitution to be within a month to certify according to law. Text amendments do not reflect on the religion of Islam, but President Nicolas Sazkozy government introduced laws which protect women from wearing purdah covering the face, such as the burqa and niqab.

If implemented, the law provides for a period of six months to process information to women who are wearing purdah is banned in France on the possibility of imprisonment and a fine if the use in public places continues. – AFP
PARIS, June 23 - French President Nicolas Sarkozy yesterday declared the purdah worn by Muslim women as an unwanted clothing in the country.

He tasted the clothing that covers the entire body of Muslim women, as a symbol of subject, which prevent the identity of women and make them as 'prisoners behind the scenes'.

Despite the strong words that night, there was also recognition that the principle of assimilation of ethnic immigrants claiming the country get rid of their traditions and to adapt to French culture - have failed for not giving equal opportunities for immigrants and their children born in this country.

In a speech to Parliament in Versailles, Sarkozy described the purdah wear a burka, better known as among the Arabs as an ethnic conflict with the values
​​of French public life.

Statement against the Sarkozy  burka is the most violent ever voiced by European leaders when several Western leaders are trying to ease tensions with the Muslim world.

France has the largest number of Muslim population in Europe with an estimated 5 million people.

A small number of French Muslim women to wear burka, such as Muslim women in Afghanistan and the niqab that covers the entire body except the eyes.

Critics are concerned that the issue of clothing that cover the entire body, which to date represents only a small minority Muslim population of France could increase discrimination against all Muslims in this country.

Director of the largest mosques in Paris, Dalil Boubakeur said, the fact that Sarkozy rejected the burka that reflects the culture of France but he is at risk fueled tensions with Muslims. - AFP
Montreal March 28 - The Federal Government of Canada to defend controversial bill tabled in the Quebec region to ban Muslim women wearing a burka and purdah in public institutions. A spokesman for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Dimitri Soudas told the Globe and Mail newspaper yesterday, a bill proposed by the Quebec government that is reasonable.
He, however, admitted the Federal level politicians "do not have a vote in the legislative area."
The Bill is concerned, presented Wednesday at the Legislative Assembly of Quebec by the Liberal Party board member, Kathleen Weil, who is also Minister of Justice of Quebec, the provincial government seeks to ban staff from wearing purdah in the workplace.
If approved, the bill would also ban women from wearing the burka or purdah deal to secure the services of regional governments, including schools, private schools receive government assistance, health care centers and centers.
National Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff also expressed support for the bill.
"I think they have achieved an appropriate balance," he said of the proposal raised by the Chief Minister of Quebec, Jean Charest.
The bill was opposed by the Party Quebecois who described it as not strict enough.
The party leader, Pauline Marois also wants to ban the veil worn by many Muslim women to cover their hair and neck. - AFP

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