Sunday, 17 April 2011


Suicide Terrorist

What is happening with this latest incident of a suicide bomber blew himself during Friday prayers in mosque Cirebon,  West  Java,  Indonesia. Reported a total of 17 people injured in the blast.

If the Palestinian, Iraqi ,Afghans, and Chechen, the suicide bombers called them self as martyrs since they are participating in power struggle against the Jews or the occupation of the invader in their country. Al Qaeda scholars’ who agreed and considered them as the act of "jihad" and martyrs and yet in Indonesia what is the actual motive was unknown.

Indonesia as a Peaceful, Independent and free country , this act of suicide, make the Muslim look stupid, fanatical and murderous. The word of myth does not relevant in Indonesia and the act was taken by wrong fantasy and purpose. The Indonesian authorities must take a serious action and investigate the actual caused by the bomber and go through grass root or bomber think tank group.

In Ding opinion, it is the case that many will agreed on so-called suicide terrorist and not related to Islamist. The fact is that, how can a religion induce him to commit suicide with the promise of honor in heaven if he murder or killed other fellow believer?

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