Monday, 4 July 2011

Is MALAYSIA safe to visit

Is Malaysia a safe place to travel?

A friend from San Francisco called me a minute ago and asked Wak “ Is Malaysia safe for visit this weekend”
BERSIH is schedule by Saturday -9/07/2011 but the Wak believe not much will happening since it is under control. The opposition parties are importing violent and copycatting Middle East political turmoil. Other than that Malaysia just as usual.
Malaysia is a great country. It is definitely is safe to travel, securities, public transport, infrastructure, banking and the millions of smiles by his peoples is excellent compared to many countries in South East Asia.
But told him please do make use common sense because street robbery is happening not only in Malaysia as well as everywhere around the world.
Do not worry or fear to walk around street because IT IS PERFECTLY SAFE to do visit or to do anything in this beautiful country. You are welcome as your second home, or to invest or to start your business or practically anything’s as long as you stay away from drug.
Tom, Malaysia is a haven, there is no wars or bombing and trust me it is fantastic place to travel, shopping and enjoy your stay!.

WELCOME TO MALAYSIA “ the land of Million Opportunities’” !

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