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Suicide & Attempted suicide

Suicide and attempted suicide
Suicide is an act with intent to terminate the history / life. When the act fails, it is called a suicide attempt. Suicide rates vary by nation and culture. World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that about one million people die of suicide in the year. Normally, suicides among men are three to four times compared with women, although the attempted suicide was higher among women. Suicide rates were also higher in for  the elderly. Serious mental illnesses such as depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder also contributed to the occurrence of suicide. Among the factors that contribute to suicide among the elderly include a physical illness (cancer, arthritis), no family support, depression, death of loved ones and loneliness.

How to identify a person at risk of suicide?
All suicide attempts should be considered!
·         A person who is talking about the idea or desire to commit suicide.
·         A person who had attempted suicide.
·         A person with a family history of suicide.
·         Have signs of depression such as not having expectations
·         Drug Abuse
·         A person making plans to kill himself as to distribute the property and began writing 'suicide note'


Those who attempt suicide will make an impact on family and friends. It may cause feelings of guilt and anger. It may cause lasting sorrow, severe mental illnesses such as depression and drug abuse and so forth.
How you can help yourself if you have the feeling suicidal?
·         Learn how to self-management skills such as setting priorities.
·         Keep medication in the difficult place to reach if you intend to take excessive doses.
·         Talking with people who can be trusted.
·         Socialize with people who are not in depression
·         Avoid alcohol and other drugs that can cause you to lose consideration.
·         Get help with phone counseling
·         If all fails, get expert assistance for further treatment
How can you help someone who wants to kill himself?
·         Take a heavy / serious expression / complaint
·         Do not criticize
·         Do not promise secrecy
·         Get professional help
·         Learn the early signs
·         Do not challenge them to commit suicide
·         Provide other alternatives to solve problems
·         Get help with health care providers, doctors or specialists.

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