Though many Malaysians are on edge over snatch thefts, robberies, and acid attacks, an international report calls the country "safe" and comparable to First World ideals like France and Belgium. Of the 19 upper-middle income countries ranked, Malaysia comes out on top as #1 in safety. Surprised?
The World Justice Project, an international non-governmental organisation, released the report entitled "Rule of Law Index" which (as its name implies) measures a country's adherence to the rule of law. In other words, it attempts to quantify the extent to which a country's justice system is clear, stable, fair, ethical, effective, and accountable.
The report is less flattering to Malaysia when it comes to the issue of protecting/upholding fundamental rights. Malaysia sits at a dismal 18th place among the 19 upper-middle income countries ranked, and 59th globally (out of 66 countries).
However, the report did evaluate the Malaysian government as "relatively accountable" in comparison to "other upper-middle income countries."
Corruption has always been a hotly debated topic in Malaysia. But surprisingly, on the "Absence of Corruption" measure, Malaysia does comparatively well. In the upper-middle income group of countries, it comes in 3rd (out of 19). Globally, it is ranked 25th out of 66 nations.
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