Tuesday, 14 June 2011

FooD CriSiS

Food Prices Set to Soar

Hyperinflation will skyrocket the prices of food commodities just as it is doing with gold and silver.
We can delay purchases of our new cars and appliances, but we still need to eat.
The world’s population is surging towards nine billion people by 2050.
Malaysia Government under Ministry of Agriculture must find a new solution to match agricultural yields to consumption. We have very fertile land, weather and human capital are good and abundant. Malaysia can’t wait. Malaysia need to move very fast be a world player in food supply, crop protection, seeds and technologies to improve crop yield.
Najib must follow his late father’s Green Book plan continues to encourage Malaysian and actively citizens to strive harder to farm for daily needs and export. We need to self-reliant in order to fight the inflation.
For GLC & corporate, invest in food related industry, the INDUSTRY WHICH NEVER FAIL YOU!!!.

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