Wednesday, 11 May 2011

"Teacher Appreciation Day"


Ding wasn’t raised in the tradition of scholar-students and no knowledge in respecting for religious persona 'or Awliya' Allah.  Before then, Islam and the knowledge contained in it is viewed as a textual that can be learned by simply reading the books or online sources.

TODAY, as age catching up, low energy, blurred vision and hearing loss, Ding is learning for direct interaction with Sheikh or for the scholar with his disciples. 

This is Ding new spirit But THE HONOUR and Respect the to Ulama and Awliya Allah. Learning to distinguish between "homage" to "worship or devotion", the "Respect" with "worship".Generally,the Muslims know that the divine attributes or "Lordship" or "Uluhiyyah" only belongs to Allah 'Azza wa Jalla. But we can and even required in Islam to pay tribute to the fellow creatures of God in a different level, because that is determined in accordance with Allah SWT.

On the other hand, on my understanding respecting treatment should be given to our biological parents, teachers, or older people.  My honor to the society layers are certainly differentiated and on the contrast manners. Such as
Ding should kiss my parents hand, not argue, never hurt feeling, never say ..ah!! etc.. Our teachers, Ding must adhere to his advice, and to be very polite (and even respect for teachers who already are unbelievers of Islam). As for the older people are common, we can use the standard etiquette of respect.

Similarly, to my Sheikh as a Manners to ULAMA AND RESPECT to Awliya: as to respect for the Ulama Awliya Allah is my desirable to learn and guided, to obey him to respect him as scholar or friend of Allah and is considering Sheikh as to identifying his position in the presence of ALLAH and eligible for my Honor with the highest dignity.
Ding honor Sheikh with highest honors (which is not up to the level of "worship"! "Worship"). Ding now walking to seek for tabarruk or Sheikh blessing.”

by ding/swj

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