Tuesday, 10 May 2011



"Islam is delivering the principal glory and honor mothers and it is rank the number two after principal of Islam which is obeying Allah.  Allah has enjoined the children to respect and noble our mother and even different religious having the same beliefs. Religion prohibits us from any form of rebellion for both parents.
 It is a fact that mothers have higher status than the father. Based on the nature and the instincts of motherhood, it's no wonder more kids to love, and remember, and often the name of the mother higher than the father. If sick, we would rather take care by mother. If we want to eat, we prefer mother to cook and feed us. If we want to sleep, we want mothers to curdle us. If we want to get married, mother will worry for us. Even so even in the face of death, we will mention the name of our mother. Strong memories of to us, mother breastfeeding us, mother who feed us eat or drink, the mother of curdle us to sleep, our mother to clean our droppings and feces in the body. Therefore, a mother is fit and most right to glorify God according to her sacrifice.
Understand that parents are an intermediary that causes us to be in this world. They sacrificed too much energy, time and property for the happiness of us.
We realize that our parents are now elderly, low energy, blurred vision and hearing loss.NOW, they are hoping for help and attention from us and her service and sacrifice as a great parents and we would not able or in position to redeem".
by Ding/swj

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