Sunday, 29 May 2011


Ding wrote his opinion:-    Weaken US$

NOW, Europe's ( Portugal, Iceland, Italy, Spain, Greece –“PIIGS”) monetary meltdown is look like worsen than the United States of America but dollars is seem higher in comparison to their currencies.
When profit taking on oil speculation is taking place, Dollar expected to bottom and this shall develop recession in USA and indirectly will affect the world.
However, the Federal Reserve will not sit quite and they are pulling out by raising interest rate and this reflect to Dollar is stronger against other currency recently.

Even if the world oil price goes down and Dollar is raising, it will pressure the equity market, either way world economic and monetary will not going to easy and stable.
In long term and overall, investment in agricultures or food related commodities is essential to protect the political, economical and of  the nation. Federal

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