Friday, 27 May 2011



It is becoming racial prejudice when WEE start the media outburst of the issue of granting scholarships by the Public Service Department.

Ding, wonder why politician deliberately polticalized what being agreed and stipulated in the social contract and constitution. The new generations are naïve on what translated in the constitution and these politicians are planting a time bomb to this nation.

It is good to practice for CS LEK as the boss of MCA to protect the back side of Dr Wee!  But don’t we think that this will add more on uneasy feeling and lead more toward racial prejudice? What is happening with 1MALAYSIA CONCEPT? The racial sentiment is thickening among the Malaysia because simple and small dissatisfaction!

YOU may call yourself as The Malaysian ROBIN HOOD? And NAZRI is the Malay HERO! 

Whatever, we are the looser! 

Lucky that UMNO is mature and don’t continue to support the brawl. What happen if President Party supported the move by Nazri? Ding, don’t intend to imagine!!!

Ding believes that so far all races in MALAYSIA  managed to seize the education opportunities provided by the government and NOW, what we want from every politician to concentrate and mobilized together to work hard to help Nation to pull thru economic hard time.

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