Saturday, 4 June 2011

National Security

Merafak Sembah dan Ucapan Setinggi-tinggi Tahniah

Preserving National Security
While the rest of the world experiencing unrest due to internal turmoil or a war, Malaysia still managed to maintain peace in all aspects; social, economic, and political. The situation was much encouraged by the efforts of various parties in maintaining national security. 

Malaysia is the only HEAVEN left on Earth that adverse events have never threat the country especially natural disasters or wars. People live in peace with excellent security together with the current rapid development of modernity. Our Peace is what given a positive image to the nation that makes many countries would envy for our success. But there are many efforts committed by all parties to ensure the situation continues to be in harmony. 

Since our Independent, we maintain the monarchy and created our owned style of democracy in accordance with the requirements of the State further that government elected through the electoral process and election conducted upon the previous government's rule coming to an end. Elections and that change our leadership is still run in a rational and fully-paid by the country's constitution that emphasizes human rights.  Clearly, the democratic process as practiced in our country is making the security aspect is something that is important to be protect by citizen.

Malaysia needs to reaffirm strong ties with neighboring countries, particularly ASEAN countries. We all know that ASEAN was established to ensure regional security and ensure economic growth able to occur at the same time. Close cooperation will ensure each ASEAN country does not interfere in the internal affairs of each other to ensure no misunderstandings that could lead to hostility or disturb security.

Poverty eradication efforts are already beginning to show results. Wealth gap between poor and rich have been able to be reduced so they no longer can be used as an excuse to cause any major problems later. Sense of belonging and not to feel left out to be an important basis for maintaining peace in the country in line with the 1MALAYSIA Concept.  

We salute the Police force that successfully managed to combat the various social ills that swept the country. The incidence of crime, especially serious crime has been controlled well by the police who work tirelessly to ensure the safety of people in this country. These provide an atmosphere of calm and reassure the citizen, investors, tourists and foreigners that Malaysia is a country that is good to live, or to invest, or to visit or works, to study.

The national development should be emphasized because modernity is to be enjoyed by all.

Enhancing the military capabilities together by constructive the caliber forces blanket with the purchase of sophisticated military equipment and high technology shall drive the high spirit of our forces to protect our beloved land.

Friends, our security require a concerted efforts of all parties and we are the people of Malaysia will continue to enjoy the success of their contribution as long as we are able to maintain our harmony.
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