Friday, 20 May 2011

Scholarship & Politic

Scholarship &  Politician
what a cry!!!   what is the purpose of Dr Wee said the Government officials failed to follow the direction of  Cabinet for awarding scholarship to qualified students. . During the press conference, why only Chinese student are being called for the nation? Where are thee other races? Malay or Indian?  Many Malay students have been offered at the local university, matriculation or program and they don’t use political platform to appear on the news paper to express their emotion and sadness.  Wee have to look at how many talented students in Malaysia?  Each year it grew and our Sister Chan Shu Ren is not left alone. I do not work as a government officer or politician like Wee but his talk  is sound  like treating to Malaysia's culture. Soon, Malay and Indian will behave like wee….demanding ,treating government officer and demonstration?.  Reading Star giving me heartache today!!!
I am sad with Politician attitude nowday!!!!!arggggggg!!!!

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