Monday, 11 April 2011

Tropical herbs

List of selected HERBS (part 1)
 local name, Common name, Scientific & family

                   1.      Local name       :  CEKUR
             Scientific NameAriety Kaempferia L
           Uses: Treatment for injuries, rheumatic disease, accelerate ulcer burst, dandruff,   
           cough, pain, treatment after birth, the body swelling, abdominal pain, cervical 
           cancer and as a flavor.

        2.    Local name: CENGKEH
       Scientific Name : Syzygium aromaticum (L.) Merill. &  Perry
       Synonyms: Eugenia aromaticum Kuntze
       Uses: Treatment for women after childbirth, as a tonic herb, eliminate bad breath,    
      toothache, as the wind sympathetic nervous stimulant, reduces air in the body, 
      lowering the body temperature due to fever, and as flavoring in many dishes.

  3.   Local Name: Belimbing Tanah
       Name: Tacca cristata Jack
      Synonyms: Tacca in tegrifolia Ker Gawl
      Uses: Treatment of hypertension, hemorrhoids, strengthens the kidneys, itchy    
      caterpillars, and the air in the body.

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