Sunday, 3 April 2011


Ding write:

Beware! Suicide club was publicized in Japan since 2009, are now is finding a 'victims' of a club member in Malaysia.  A mysterious invitation to solve the personal problem by suicide can be found in the social networking site Facebook.

One of a mysterious club called the Death Note club for an example is inviting anyone who wants to commit suicide to join and become their fan.

"Some want to commit suicide because of love? Or just want to die? DEATHNOTE!!!!! Sign your name in now!! Directly secured ####".. Secure and warm welcome by Death Angels.  To date, hundreds of thousand internet users are surfing and visiting the website or the facebook and mostly are teenagers. 

Not that clear, whose is the founder, who is responsible and what is the purpose was the establishment of a mysterious group. It could be making the club just for fun but for the parent, society and the government, we must approach with cautious of this new trend. Our teenagers mostly are easily influenced since they are mentally and emotionally are developing and relatively unable to justify right or wrong. Immediate research on the issue is essential since numbers of teenagers committing suicide is climbing. It is scary and we together as Malaysian – 1MALAYSIA must address this as a national issue.

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